We are

Shaping the future of power delivery

Our patented conductive technology is creating the next standard in power distribution

We are

Overcoming the limitations of outlets and impractical wireless power technologies

FLI Charge brings power closer to charge individual devices and distribute power at an infrastructure level.

Features & Benefits

  • High Power
  • Multiple Devices
  • Freedom of Placement
  • Cost Effective
  • Fast & Efficient Power Transfer
  • Seamless OEM Integration
  • Safe & Code Compliant
  • Proprietary

We’re partnering with forward-thinking brands and equipment manufacturers to make this a reality, today.

Featured Partnership

May 22, 2018 - Juice® Mobile Power, with FLI Charge Technology, Receives FCC and ETL Certification
Bretford’s Flexible, Active Charging solution certified to deliver up to 300 watts of power. Read more
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