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  • What certifications does FLI Charge and its products have?
    FLI Charge products are FCC and CE approved and conform to ROHS standards.
  • Is FLI Charge safe?
    Using FLI Charge is as safe as plugging into a wall outlet. Unlike other wireless charging systems, FLI Charge emits no additional radiation so you don’t have to worry about potentially harming yourself or those around you. Furthermore, the FLIway 40 has a built in control system that constantly monitors and immediately halts power transfer if an unapproved object, such as liquid, touches the surface of the pad.
  • What happens if it gets wet?

    The FLI Charge software has a built in safety mechanism that will detect any foreign object on the surface and instantly turn off and quickly restart when the object is removed.  The system is water resistant. If it gets wet, water should be removed as soon as possible and it should be allowed to dry completely.

  • Will using FLI Charge for too long harm my battery?
    No. It is a common misconception that mobile devices can “overcharge”. Power management is typically controlled by the mobile device, making sure that overcharging isn’t possible. Therefore leaving devices charging on the FLIway 40 won’t harm them, it will just ensure they are charged and ready to use.
  • Are FLI Charge’s technologies protected with Intellectual Property?
    Yes. FLI Charge has granted patents covering the core technology as well as pending patent applications. FLI Charge is continuously expanding its patent portfolio.