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FLI Charge is comprised of conductive modules and powered surfaces that can be embedded at low cost into any battery operated device or environment.
  • Build better products
    Conductive Modules

    Easy to embed for OEMs

    Syncs with device specific factory specs (i.e. fast charging)

    Geometric relationship of four contact points allows for freedom of placement

  • Supercharged surfaces
    Powered Surfaces

    Easily integrated at OEM level

    Can be as thin as 0.8mm

    Market leading power delivery (36 - 600+ watts)

    Cost effective

    Plug and play applications


Bringing the full power of FLI to all

High power

30-600+ watts

15X higher vs. other technologies

Multiple devices

Charge and power multiple devices, each with different power requirements, at the same time

Freedom of placement

No need to align precisely with “sweet spot”

Power transfer occurs regardless of position or orientation on surface

Cost effective

Low cost to embed and integrate at OEM level

Significantly less expensive than retrofit solutions

Fast & efficient power transfer

As fast as plugging into wall outlet

Reduces energy waste

Environmentally friendly

Seamless OEM integration

Reference designs and know-how limit R&D and NRE costs

Rapid deployment with partners


No electromagnetic interference (EMI)

No FCC risk


Patents and source code protect intellectual property

Deep technological know-how

Target Markets

  • Power Tools
  • Transportation
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Furniture

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