It's time to stop thinking about charging.

We all know that feeling – 1% battery. It sucks. You have enough worries in life, charging shouldn't be one of them. FLI Charge makes charging your devices an afterthought. Just put down, charge up and relax. FLI Charge has you covered.

FLI Charge lives in the places we spend the most of our time

  • Kill the bed lean

    Sick of reaching out of your bed to grab that cord you dropped? Us too.

    Replace it with the perfect new addition to your nightstand.

    Common devices:
  • The new office must-have

    Imagine if your phone charged every time you put it down on your desk. That would be convenient.

    Common devices:
  • Clean up your kitchen

    You shouldn’t have to choose between your blender and your phone. 

    Common devices:
  • Charge all your toys

    Transform your living area into the ultimate charging station and make sure your game controller, tablet, GoPro, and everything else are ready when you need them.

    Common devices:
  • The best teams operate at 100%

    Keep your conference room organized and put an end to cord thievery with one charger for everyone on your team.

    Common devices:

100% for every device.