Poof. Your charging problems are gone.

From the moment we wake up, it’s a constant battle to keep our devices from hitting 0%. The lengths we go to keep our devices charged is out of control. With every smartphone, tablet, headphone, GoPro, gaming controller and gadget needing its own cable to charge, outlets become permanent charging hubs and breeding zones for tangled cables. While these devices are constantly evolving, the way we power and charge them has more or less stayed the same.

FLI Charge is a system that keeps your devices on 100% throughout the day.  All you need is the FLIhub and one of our charging solutions."

Great. But what devices can it charge?

The FLIhub provides 60 watts of efficient power. Select devices below and see for yourself.

  • 0
    Bluetooth headphones
  • 0
    Action camera
  • 0
  • 0
    Gaming controller
  • 0
  • 0
    Mini drone
  • 0
    Bluetooth speakers
  • 0
  • 0
    Bluetooth mouse
  • 0
    MP3 player
0 watts 5 watts 10 watts 15 watts 20 watts 25 watts 30 watts 35 watts 40 watts 45 watts 50 watts 55 watts 60 watts 10 watts Select devices above

Looks like you need more FLIhub's

What better charging means

  • Charge Rates

    30-600+ watts

    15X higher vs. other technologies

  • Maximum Power

    As fast as plugging into wall outlet Reduces energy waste

    Environmentally friendly

  • Safety

    No electromagnetic interference (EMI)

    No FCC risk

  • Multiple Devices

    Charge and power multiple devices, each with different power requirements, at the same time

  • Positioning Freedom

    No need to align precisely with “sweet spot”

    Power transfer occurs regardless of position or orientation on surface

  • Compatibility

    Reference designs and know-how limit R&D and NRE costs

    Rapid deployment with partners

  • Proprietary

    Patents and source code protect intellectual property

    Deep technological know-how