FLIsurface XL

FLIsurface XL

Innovative Bulk Charging Solution

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In combination with our customizable FLIbanks, the FLIsurface XL offers a unique scalable bulk charging solution based on our safe, powerful, and advanced technology. Like our New Stand partners, start building top of mind awareness for on the go customers and employees in any environments from hospitality, tradeshows, health, education, retail, corporate, transportation, to your largest events.

Available starting April 2020
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Bulk Charging Solution

FLIbanks on FLIsurface XL

The next-generation bulk charging solution

The FLIsurface XL offers a patented bulk charging solution perfect for environments with many users. It is easy, fast, and simple to charge and use. No extensive training is needed for its installation or operation. Our reference designs readily scale to match demand through a straightforward deployment process. From wall space to a table display, the FLIsurface XL can fit in any environment with our flat, stand-alone, or fastened options.

The FLIbank powerbank

The compact round design is perfect for on the go customers such as travelers, conference attendees, and hotel guests. Multiple FLIbanks magnetically attach and detach from the FLIsurface XL in a snap, making our solution an ideal portable system with no transaction friction.

The FLIbank contains a premium circular LED capacity indicator. The powerbank can charge up to two devices simultaneously through its dual integrated Lightning and USB-C cables. You can recharge the FLIbank by plugging it in a regular USB-C port, making it the perfect outreach item for your brand.

FLIbank attaching magnetically to FLIbank XL
FLIbanks in custom colors

Make it your own!

Customized FLIbanks can be the perfect vehicle to promote your brand or products. From Custom logo to specific brand colors, the FLIbanks are fully customizable to become unique to your company. Our internal branding team will work with our business partners to create the most unique and recognizable technological power bank on the market.

Technical Specs

Power Output
150 Watts

Output Voltage
20 Volts

Output Current
7.5 Amps

Operating Temperature
0°C – 35°C

14.74” x 10.63” x 0.48”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FLI Charge come with a warranty?

Yes! FLI Charge comes with a one year warranty starting from the date of shipping.

Your FLI Charge warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship, except the following:

- Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, disassembly, unauthorized modification or neglect.

- Damage caused by liquid contact.

- Damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in your instruction manual.

- Damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by our company.

What devices, other than Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones is FLI Charge compatible with?

FLI Charge can power any USB, USB-C or micro USB powered device. This includes, iPads & Tablets, Kindle's & E-readers, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Headphones, Gaming Controllers, Go Pros, Amazon Echo, Mini Drones and Fitness Trackers.

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