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Powering Coworking Experiences.

FLI Charge delivers power to any flexible workplaces for all your members–from startups to Fortune 500s.

The Fli Charge ecosystem of products for coworking spaces shows workers on various workstations in an open space powered by the FLI Surface or PowerServe products.

The Need to Develop a Competitive Edge in the Coworking Industry.

As the traditional office concept becomes more decentralized, coworking spaces are in high demand. In fact, the number of coworking members is expected to rise to 5 million in 2021–or in a post-covid world. Competition is getting fierce with a growing number of companies.

Firms in the coworking market need to offer differentiating business amenities that increase their tenants' business growth and retain them. The most sought-after coworking spaces offer accommodations maximizing productivity, continuity of operations and comfort.

Being Plugged to an Outlet Is a Thing of the Past.

With productivity, comes technology - and with technology comes the need to be mobile, connected and fully charged. Uninterrupted power supply is the biggest prerequisite in operating a successful co-working space.

Outfitting coworking spaces with deeper technology integrations creates inherently flexible, reliable and desirable professional environments. That means providing charging solutions that are interchangeable across devices, portable, and readily available.

Series of workers from startup companies can take advantage of  Vibe Power Banks in open spaces
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Enter FLI Charge for Coworking.

Deploy or expand your charging ecosystem through our turnkey power delivery solutions. The Fli Charge ecosystem for coworking can match any of your spaces and tenants' needs.

The compact PowerServe charging solutions provide ultimate power on the go for larger groups and communal spaces. PowerServe units have flexible installation options (wall, counter, stand) and charge up to 24 FLI Charge Power Banks simultaneously without the need to connect charging cables.

Stay focused on productivity with streamlined power delivery right to the tabletop using FLIsurface and a range of charging modules. FLIsurface answers your high-power charging needs with a modular approach to power all your devices.

PowerServe™ PS24

Create power on the go solutions with bulk charging of Vibe power banks.


Bring high-power delivery for multiple laptops and tablets right onto the desk.

PowerSwap™ is an advanced hardware and software solution allowing your guests, members and staff to take advantage of power on the go anywhere your organization is.

PowerSwap™ provides asset tracking solution to help manage the mobile power experience with intuitive software for checkout, tracking, and analytics.

PowerServe™ PS24

Create power on the go solutions with bulk charging of Vibe power banks

For executives, creators, or power users, provide sophisticated and streamlined power delivery right to the tabletop using a range of  FLIsurface options paired with charging modules.Charge your Type-C iPad, Chromebook, or laptop or go wireless with the FLIhub Power Plus built-in Qi pad to charge your compatible phone or earbuds.


Bring high-power delivery for multiple laptops and tablets right onto the desk

FLIhub Power Plus

Sophisticated & Powerful All-in-One Charging Solution perfect for executive offices

Create a Next-Generation Coworking Experience for Technology Users.

The FLI Charge ecosystem enables coworking companies to increase members' retention and create additional revenue sources. Coworking professionals are no longer tied to workstations with traditional outlets. They also aren’t burdened with bringing all of their charging equipment while working.

We Can Help Take Your Coworking Space to the Next-Level.

With innovative charging solutions and an in-depth experience of the coworking industry, we can help you create amenities that will give you a competitive edge.

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