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Live Life, Fully Charged™

Welcome to a next-generation charging solution designed for how we work, study, and live. Easy and seamless high-power charging for multiple devices at work, home, school, or on the go.

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All Devices. All People. All places.
One Charging Ecosystem.

Sophisticated Power at Hand.

FLI Charge is the most scalable charging ecosystem for businesses. Our solutions support up to 150 Watts of sufficient power while charging six devices simultaneously.

One Outlet To Power It All.

No more fighting for outlets and adapters. Arrange any combination of modules to charge laptops, tablets, phones, and mobile devices using a single outlet

Safety First.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, our powered surfaces are safe to the touch and just as fast to charge your devices as a wall outlet.

Bring Power Where It's Needed.

Bring power right to the tabletop, without the tripping hazards of power strips. Leave your power adapters behind and stay charged up.

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Supercharge Your Organization.

All your devices. All your people. One single charging ecosystem. From universities to corporate offices, FLI Charge helps organizations of all sizes deliver the perfect charging experience.
Make charging a problem of the past.

Turn Spaces Into Powered Experiences.

It's charging designed for how we work, live, and get things done. Enable power for individuals or teams with incredible features such as high-power support, on the go capabilities, and power as a service with PowerSwap.

Deploy FLI Charge Solutions in a Day.

No complex implementation. No costly retrofitting. No expensive custom furniture. FLI Charge solutions are plug-and-play with a single outlet to connect.

More Power to Your Team.

Let people decide how they want to charge: fast wireless charging, powerful USB-C, or versatile FLIbanks for power on the go. FLI Charge is the only power ecosystem that lets your users be in charge.

Infinite Expansion. Check.

Thanks to our magnetic, snap-on modular system. Power anything from Qi wireless devices to high-output USB-C laptops and watch for new FLI Charge modules as technology keeps evolving.

Transform the Way You Power Your People.
Wherever They Are.

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A Revolutionary Way to Power Future Generations.

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Safe & Easy to Deploy On the Go Charging Solutions.

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Enable the Ultimate Charging Experience for Guests.

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Power On the Go.

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Connect People & Power.

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Explore Our Charging Solutions.

From Home to the Office, we deliver next-generation charging for all the devices, people, and space in your life.

FLIhub Power Plus


Sophisticated & Powerful All-in-One Charging Solution.

FLIhub Power Plus



Unleash Advanced Power Delivery for Teams.


PowerServe™ PS24


Bring power to larger groups and communal spaces.

PowerServe™ PS24


“FLI Charge is going to help teachers and students save time and provide more freedom within the classroom environment."

Greg Estell, SMART Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer.

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"FLI Charge is a really beautiful platform that reduces operations and operational intensity"

Lex Kendall, Founder and COO of New Stand

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