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Power all your devices with FLI Charge

FLI Charge is a charging solution that allows you to live life at 100%. It's simple: it starts with the FLIway 40 - our cutting edge charging pad. It charges all FLI Charge enabled devices. Get the FLIcase for your smartphone and enjoy charging every time you put your phone down. Have more gear? The FLIcube and FLIcoin were built to take care of everything else.

  • Charge all of your gadgets at once effortlessly with FLI Charge System

All the components of FLI Charge

What people are saying

  • “I received my products yesterday and could not be happier! Fantastic idea that was seen to fruition and works as described! I will definitely be recommending this to family and friends as the easiest way to charge ALL electronics.”

    Steven P
  • “THANK YOU so much for the great customer service! ...The system works GREAT. Already thinking we need at least one, if not two, more pads for spots around the house… šŸ˜„”

    Mike K
  • “I absolutely love it. I’m charging now as I type on my iPad and I have my iPhone charging as well. This is one of the best products I’ve purchased on indiegogo, and I’ve had some bad ones. Can’t wait for the 7 case! Thanks!!”

    Kimberly M
  • “I just received my FLI pack today and it works wonderfully.”

    ChaiQi G
  • “… I received my package yesterday in the mail. THANK YOU. I have it set up and am charging as I type this e-mail. I’m extremely pleased with the product and love the look of it. 1 question, If I want to get a couple more FLI Coins, how can I do that?”

    Joseph Huck
  • “I have tested a bundle and think the possibilities are limitless. It works great and exactly as advertised.”

    David B
  • “Got the charger finally thanks so much it is excellent product and very useful thank all of your team again and have happy Christmas.”

    Paul T
  • “I love it so nice definitely worth the cost and wait.”

    Chris P
  • “Thank you guys, got my FLI Charge and case yesterday... it's awesome... more power to you and your company... cheers!”

    Jonathan E
  • “I think this thing is amazing!  I've been waiting for product like this to come out.” 

    Robert M

Life after adapters

Think about the charging adapters at your home. Think about them at your office.
Now imagine it better.

The difference 4 feet makes

Kneeling, crouching, and searching for an outlet has become so ingrained in your life, you don’t yet realize what it means to have one place for all your devices.

OCD heaven

Wire management is a nightmare. It ruins otherwise pristine interior decors. Wires get dirty, they break, they fray, and require a surge protectors. With our pad, you’ll regain your outlets.

Conductive power

This means no radiation and the ability to power or charge virtually all battery or DC powered mobile devices.

Multiple devices

This isn’t a device specific charger. This is a charging station. Virtually anything can be charged on our pad, simultaneously.

Untangle YourĀ Life

Life Hack: A better way to detangle annoying cords is to avoid them altogether. 

  • “…it’s more efficient, and can charge devices that support fast charging, plus it doesn’t matter which way round, or where, your phone gets placed on the charging mat.”

    Digital Trends
  • “A faster, smarter, easier way to charge your phone.”

  • “Enter FLI Charge, a system that aims to leapfrog over the competition, embracing all types of devices and power needs.”

    Slash Gear
  • “Conductive wireless charging might be the future.”

    The Verge
  • “…it not only promises to juice up your devices wirelessly, but at the same speed as a wired charger. Whoa.”

    Beta News
  • “The FLI Charge system won’t only provide wireless charging capabilities for your iPhone, but also drones, tablets, smart watches, speakers and even GoPros — essentially anything that charges via a USB/MicroUSB connection.”

  • “The FLI Charge impresses as it can juice up a maximum of eight gadgets at the same time.”

    Android Community
  • “By having one wire running from the pad to your wall socket, you can eliminate the gaggle of wires that run from the socket to each and every device...I liked the thing so much I ordered a second one for the home.”

Get the best charging system ever created.