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It's time to stop thinking about charging.

We all know that feeling – 1% battery. It sucks. You have enough worries in life, charging shouldn't be one of them. FLI Charge makes charging your devices an afterthought. Just put down, charge up and relax. FLI Charge has you covered.

Power all your devices with FLI Charge

FLI Charge is a charging solution that allows you to live life at 100%. It's simple: it starts with the FLIway 40 - our cutting edge charging pad. It charges all FLI Charge enabled devices. Get the FLIcase for your smartphone and enjoy charging every time you put your phone down. Have more gear? The FLIcube and FLIcoin were built to take care of everything else.

All the components of FLI Charge

Untangle Your Life

A better way to detangle cords is to avoid them altogether. 

What better charging means

  • Charge Rates

    Charge as fast as plugging into the wall.

  • Maximum Power

    Industry leading 40 watts of power is enough to charge any and all of your devices.

  • Safety

    As safe as plugging into a wall outlet.

  • Multiple Devices

    Charge your smartphone and other devices all at the same time.

  • Positioning Freedom

    No need to line up with any rings or keep it from moving. Just put your device down anywhere and in any direction on the pad.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with any USB powered device.

  • "…it’s more efficient, and can charge devices that support fast charging, plus it doesn’t matter which way round, or where, your phone gets placed on the charging mat."

    Digital Trends
  • "A faster, smarter, easier way to charge your phone."

  • "Enter FLI Charge, a system that aims to leapfrog over the competition, embracing all types of devices and power needs."

    Slash Gear
  • "Conductive wireless charging might be the future"

    The Verge
  • "…it not only promises to juice up your devices wirelessly, but at the same speed as a wired charger. Whoa."

    Beta News
  • "The FLI Charge system won’t only provide wireless charging capabilities for your iPhone, but also drones, tablets, smart watches, speakers and even GoPros — essentially anything that charges via a USB/MicroUSB connection."

  • "The FLI Charge impresses as it can juice up a maximum of eight gadgets at the same time."

    Android Community
Get the best charging system ever created.