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FLI Charge’s goal is to combine high-power fixed and mobile charging solutions into a simple, easy-to-use ecosystem of products that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. We want to help people Live Life, Fully Charged™.

FLI Charge designs, develops, manufactures, and markets conductive power delivery solutions. Our patented technology is fully interoperable across devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and audio products. The FLI Charge ecosystem simultaneously power and charge multiple devices through its innovative combination of powered surfaces and conductive modules.

FLI Charge conductive wireless technology is a very efficient power solution that can be adapted to work with all battery-powered devices on the market. We help people Live Life, Fully Charged.

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The FLI Charge Story: From "Vision to Commercialization".


Initial Investment in R&D.

FORM Holdings

October 2015

Acquired by FORM Holdings.


Additional investment to complete development and initiate commercialization.

Additional investment

February 2019

New ownership and recapitalization. Investment in the commercialization of the FLI Charge technology across multiple verticals and global channels.

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Our Leadership.

Our mission to shape the future of power delivery starts at the top.

Khalid Zitouni

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Robles

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Ordway

Head of Sales

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