Expandable All-in-One Charging Solution.

$ 119.99 USD

The FLIhub + FLIcube is an all-in-one solution to charge multiple devices at the same time with the industry-leading 60 Watts of charging power. Just set your Qi-enabled phone or other devices on the Qi charging pad while charging two more USB powered devices with the dual 12-Watt charging ports on the FLIcube. Keep your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and wireless headphones charged throughout the day. The product includes one FLIhub and one FLIcube. Extra charging cables not included.

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Live Life, Fully Charged™

FLIhub in hand

50-Watt Conductive Charging Surface.
The FLIhub delivers high power wirelessly to the FLIcube charging module as well as any FLI Charge modules. Get ready to replace your standard power adapter with the capability to charge multiple devices at once. In the future, add a FLIcube PD to use the ultra-fast USB-C 30-Watt PD and charge a laptop!

24-Watt Charging Module.
Place the FLIcube on the FLIhub surface to fast-charge up to 2 devices at once via the dual 12-Watt USB-A ports. The FLIcube smartly delivers the optimal power needed to charge your smart watch, headphones, portable speaker, and more powerful devices such as tablets up to 40% faster.

FLIhub and devices
FLIhub with Qi pad

10-Watt Qi Wireless Charge Pad.
Designed with the latest Qi technology to deliver the maximum power to charge your phone at the fastest speed. Fast-charge the latest Apple, Samsung and Android phones plus other Qi-enabled devices.

What's In The Box

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Technical Specs


Power Output
60 Watts (10-Watt Qi + 50 Watts on FLI Hub)

Output Voltage
5/9 Volts Qi + 20 Volts on FLI Charge

Output Current
2/1.1 Amps Qi + 2.5 Amps on FLI Charge

Operating Temperature
0°C – 35°C

8.60” x 3.93” x 0.49”


Power Output
USB-A ports: 12 Watts

Output Voltage
5 Volts  |  5/9/12/15/20 Volts

Output Current
2.1 Amps  | 3/3/2.5/2/1.5 Amps

Operating Temperature
0°C – 35°C

1.95” x 1.95” x 0.73”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FLI Charge come with a warranty?

Yes! FLI Charge comes with a one year warranty starting from the date of shipping.

Your FLI Charge warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship, except the following:

- Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, disassembly, unauthorized modification or neglect.

- Damage caused by liquid contact.

- Damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in your instruction manual.

- Damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by our company.

What devices, other than Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones is FLI Charge compatible with?

FLI Charge can power any USB, USB-C or micro USB powered device. This includes, iPads & Tablets, Kindle's & E-readers, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Headphones, Gaming Controllers, Go Pros, Amazon Echo, Mini Drones and Fitness Trackers.

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