Top of the Class How FLI Charge and SMART Technologies are Helping Schools Power Up


January 30, 2020

From smart screens to education software to mobile devices, SMART Technologies is dedicated to inspiring greatness by helping teachers and students achieve better outcomes through teaching and learning. And while SMART technology offers students more opportunities to connect with the uncharted world around them, it often comes with an all too familiar problem: how do we keep devices and technology tools powered on? Enter FLI Charge.

The FLI Charge and SMART Technologies partnership was born out of a simple need “There are millions of mobile student devices in classrooms today,” says Greg Estell, SMART Technologies President and Chief Executive Officer. “They all require a power source.”

In most of today’s classrooms, power sources come from a laptop cart: a rolling mountain of computers and devices, piled on top of one another, and plugged into a single outlet. “Rarely, if ever, would you find a rolling cart in an office environment to power devices, “ says Estell. “If we are preparing students for the world of work, then we need to facilitate solutions that are similar.”

Understanding the future of scalable digital learning in classrooms is an ongoing mission, given that technology is changing quickly. However, there are powerful solutions available today that provide more time for classroom learning through individual power per device. FLI Charge does just that.

“That’s where I’m so keen on where FLI Charge can land within education technology,” says Estell. “FLI Charge is going to help teachers and students save time and provide more freedom within the classroom environment. As opposed to a student raising their hand and saying, ‘hey, my laptop doesn’t have any power, what do I do?’.“

We’ll have the capability in the classroom or the school to seamlessly provide power so that you’ve got that uptime, you’ve got that instruction time, and you don’t want to spend time worrying about your technology.”

SMART is currently in over three million classrooms globally, being used by more than 60 million students, and operating under one powerful mantra. “Our entire mission is, ‘how do we inspire greatness?’” says Estell. “How do we help educators integrate technology into the teaching practice so they can help students find their own greatness?”

Together, FLI Charge and SMART Tech are working to eliminate at least one obstacle on the path to finding that greatness and putting power (literally) back into the hands of the students.

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