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“Our Mission is to Simplify Power Delivery.” A Chat with Khalid Zitouni: FLI Charge CEO


December 19, 2019

The first thing you should know about Khalid Zitouni is that he thinks big. And he’s making big plans for FLI Charge - using his more than 25 years of experience in the tech industry to transform the company into a global powerhouse. Literally.


“We want to be a global power delivery brand,” says the CEO. “When it comes to power on the go, we need a lot more than we have today.”


But how do you get safe, convenient, and SUPER FAST power to people across the globe? Under Zitouni’s leadership, FLI Charge has taken the first steps into doing just that, by connecting with brands who stand at the forefront of innovation. “That’s what we’re really focused on right now,” says Zitouni, “Enterprise businesses who are looking for ways to bring better service and convenience to their customers and to create a superior customer experience.”


One of those companies is New Stand - an app-based store that describes itself as a combination of your favorite bodega and your favorite blog. FLI Charge recently partnered with the brand to offer the FLIbank as part of a FLI Charge branded program. Commuters can grab fully-charged FLIbanks –for free – and drop them back at New Stand when they’re finished using the device.


“Our mission is to simplify power delivery,” says Zitouni. “The way of the past is having to go to an outlet. We’re bringing the outlet to places where people need to consume power - whether that’s at your desk or your conference room table or at home on your counter or on the go.”

On why the partnership with New Stand worked so well, Zitouni says, “We have something that is easily implemented: it’s safe, the cost of entry is affordable, and the application is consumer-friendly. And it delivers the service they were looking for: power on the go.”


Zitouni plans to move FLI Charge forward, fast. Beyond New Stand, recent partnerships have included work in the education sector. SMART Technologies, a leader in education technology, is working to get FLI Charge applications into classrooms for an easier, safer power solution, and enable students to live school life fully charged.


“Imagine all the student devices that are going into classrooms,” said Greg Estell, SMART CEO “[FLI Charge] is really clean, it’s really elegant, it’s really safe in the classroom… I’m really excited about some of the opportunities here.”

Other partnerships include TAC Airlines, Coupang, and Quality One Wireless, to name a few. And as FLI Charge continues to grow – expanding into areas like hospitality and transportation - the central mission to deliver SUPER FAST, safe, convenient power becomes more important than ever.


“We communicate through our devices and we are mobile… And if you run out of power, you can’t work or participate in the classroom, you can’t get access to information, transact, or communicate” says Zitouni.

“We can charge anything, anywhere and SUPER FAST.”

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