More Newness Just Landed Today at LAX

NaNa Kim


June 26, 2018

Your LAX experience just got hit by another wave of cool convenience. The second installment of New Stand is now officially open at one of the busiest airport in the world.

That’s right, LA now has double the New Stand — 2,000 sq ft. of refreshment and boutique goods to be exact. We’re here to help your midsummer madness be, well, much less mad.

And this time, we’re refueling your beloved tech devices too.


Swapcharge, a charger rental program we created for Members, will officially go live. Basically, it’s a charging gadget that you can borrow for your juicing needs for as long as 72 hours. We just ask that you bring it back for the next lost soul running on 2% battery. It’s FREE for Members, and $5 for everyone else. Told you we’re looking out for you!

Come through for all kinds of treats and things.

Where to Find Us:

Located in Terminal 1 (Southwest terminal), New Stand will be the first thing you see at the top of the stairs on your way out of TSA security.

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